Lago di Garda , Italia

We spent our Easter vacation at Limone Sul Garda where we had 4 days of freedom from any work obligations. ( I LOVE public holidays in Europe!! ) Here’s a glimpse of what our free time consisted of — where we indulged in the perks of Italian cuisine (pizza, pasta, gelato, wine, coffee, repeat), strolled through the narrow passageways of picturesque villages bordering the lake, and took an adorable ferry boat across the water to a 13th century comune, complete with a medieval castle, Castello Scaligero, to dine with our friends from Munich whom were also visiting Lake Garda.

{Panoramic view from our hotel room balcony}


{From the moment we entered the hotel room, Klaus didn’t take off his sauna robe. Wine anyone?}


{Gorgeous church tower of Limone, visible from anywhere in our village}


{Violet Ivy decorated entire villas as we walked the cobblestone streets of Limone}

{Gelato after a delectable 5 cheese pizza & a blissful live concert by the pianist Eduard Kunz in Chiesa di San Benedetto}

{Group shot in Malcesine with our friends from Munich, also visiting Lake Garda}

{Portrait near the beach of Limone with Mount Baldo in the background — it was a fabulous trip!}


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